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tables directory.

Subversion trunk

All files must be in UTF-8 without BOM with Unix line endings (LF). Almost any text editor (except Notepad) can do these conversions without problems.

Auto-generated Files

Empty in distribution, filled with information from the server on the go.

File name Purpose
monsters.txt Monster name cache
npcs.txt NPC name cache

Compatible Files

Formats compatible with files from other RO clients, except they still must be (converted) to UTF-8 etc. These files may be updated using files from other RO clients, which would resolve problem with some skill and item names displayed as "Unknown #".

File name Original file name Purpose Optional
items.txt idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt Item names
itemsdescriptions.txt idnum2itemdesctable.txt Item descriptions
itemslotcounttable.txt itemslotcounttable.txt Item slot counts
itemslots.txt itemslottable.txt Item equipment slots
maps.txt mapnametable.txt Map names
msgstringtable.txt msgstringtable.txt Miscellaneous messages
quests.txt questid2display.txt Quest information
resnametable.txt resnametable.txt Map aliases
skillnametable.txt skillnametable.txt Skill names
skillsdescriptions.txt skilldesctable.txt Skill descriptions
skillssp.txt leveluseskillspamount.txt Skill SP costs


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