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Kore can automatically reply to chat messages. If the option autoResponse in config.txt in enabled, you can configure Kore's automatic responses in the file chat_resp.txt. This file allows you to configure Kore's responses to messages that contain certain words.


The format of this file is simply a set of lines that observes the following syntax:

<words> (TAB(s)) <responses>


This is a comma-seperated list of words that Kore will listen to in chat messages. If Kore hears one of these words in received chat messages, it will reply using a random phrase from the corresponding <responses> list.

This is a comma-seperated list of phrases that Kore will use as possible responses to chat messages.

When using chat response, you have to keep in mind that:

  1. Kore will not reply to repeating messages from the same player.
  2. Auto-response only works on public and private chat messages, and not on guild or party chat messages.
  3. Auto-response will not work in towns.
  4. To simulate real-time typing, there is a small calculated delay before sending a response. This assumes that you can type at a speed of 65 words per minute.


The following is an example of an entry in chat_resp.txt:

bot,botter	no,I'm not a bot,huh?

In the example above, when someone says something that contains the word "bot" or "botter", Kore will reply with "no", "I'm not a bot" or "huh?".