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At this point, you can define macros and call them, typing 'eventMacro <macro name>' in OpenKore's console input.

Automacro is an automatic trigger for calling your macros, just like blocks in config.txt are automatic triggers for certain AI actions.

Automacro block consists of:

  • One or more Parameters (call being the only required one).
  • One or more Conditions.

Automacro does not trigger if there is currently running macro in exclusive mode. Otherwise, automacro clears macro queue (which means that all currently running macros are stopped) before call.

The point of automacro is that you use them to check for certain conditions and call your macro when all conditions are fulfilled.

All possible conditions are listed on the category page.


  • Each parameter can only be used once.
  • Parameters define the way the automacro or the called macro will work.
  • Most parameters have a default value that will be used when it is not defined.

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