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We, the OpenKore development team, have heard that there are denial of service (DDoS) attacks being carried out against RO servers. We have no interest in attacking any RO servers, be they official or private. We enjoy playing RO, and destroying the game by attacking servers would make all of our effort in developing OpenKore pointless. Our code is open source and we repudiate any attempt to use OpenKore to harm servers.
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Status of botting on Official Servers
Server Code Description Vendor Protection Supporter Status
iRO International RO WarpPortal * allanon Botable, Weekly Update
fRO Europe RO(french) Whybe Online * sctnightcore, allanon Botable
bRO Brazil RO Level Up! nProtect lututui, HenryBK, alisonrag Botable, Weekly Update
cRO China RO Gravity nProtect sctnightcore, alisonrag Botable
idRO Indonesia RO Gravindo * sctnightcore Botable only RE_server
jRO Japan RO GungHo HShield N/A Not botable, pending to fix
kRO Korea RO GNJoy cdclient alisonrag,sctnightcore Not botable, pending to fix
pRO (phRO) Philippines RO Extreme Electronics cdclient windhamwong (temp), kaliwanagan (temp) Actively working on it.
twRO Taiwan RO GNJoy TW cdclient windhamwong Not botable, pending to fix
tRO (thRO) Thailand RO Extreme Electronics EAC Not botable, pending to fix.
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