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Automatically use skills on monsters even if it is not currently attacking them. This is useful for fighting multiple opponents at once. For example, an Acolyte can offensive-Bless Khalitzburg even if it's not your current target, or a Knight can Provoke all Sohees and then Brandish Spear them.


monsterSkill [<skill name>] {
	target <monster names>
	maxUses [<number>]

	# Skill Use Conditions, including isSelfSkill
	# Self Conditions
	# Target Monster Conditions

Attribute definitions

monsterSkill [<skill name>]
This option specifies the skill to automatically use on monsters as long as you are not currently using any other skill.

target (<monster name>)
This option specifies on which monsters the skill will be used.
  • This option is required. If you don't set this option, the skill will never be used.

maxUses [<number>]
This option specifies the maximum number of successful usage allowed for this skill.
  • This attribute only counts successful usage. If a skill fails, Kore will continue to use the skill until it finally succeeds even if this option is set to 1.


  • Use Provoke on Sohee until there are more than five monsters attacking you, then use Brandish Spear to kill them.
monsterSkill Provoke {
	lvl 1
	sp > 15
	aggressives < 5
	maxUses 1
	target Sohee
 	target_dist 7

attackSkillSlot Brandish Spear {
	lvl 10
	dist 1.5
	sp > 20
	aggressives >= 5
	monsters Sohee