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* [[wikipedia:grep|OpenKore's serverType files]]
* [[wikipedia:grep|OpenKore's serverType files]]
* [https://code.google.com/p/eathena-project/source/browse/trunk/db/packet_db.txt eAthena's packet_db.txt]
* [https://code.google.com/p/eathena-project/source/browse/trunk/db/packet_db.txt eAthena's packet_db.txt]
* [http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/rathena/browser/trunk/db/packet_db.txt rAthena's packet_db.txt]

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serverType <value>
Network parser module to use with your server.
Development.pngThe following documentation describes a feature that was greatly changed in SVN trunk (latest development version) since the last release.
It may work differently or not be available if you're using 2.0.7 or any older version.

ServerTypes overview


Named serverTypes can be loaded since r6870 and begin to appear in r7066 (not counting kRO serverType tree which started all that madness).

Server serverType Last used numeric ST
Official, Korea kRO_RagexeRE_0 8_1
Official, Taiwan twRO 21, 22
Official, Japan none
Official, Thailand tRO 21
Official, China none
Official, International iRO 22
Official, Philippines pRO 22
Official, Indonesia idRO 22
Official, Malaysia mRO 22
Official, Brazil bRO (Odin) 0
bRO_Thor (Thor) 22
Official, Russia rRO 0
Official, France fRO 0
Official, Middle East aRO 22
Private servers kRO_RagexeRE_*

Development.pngImplementation of this feature is expected to become outdated with server updates.
As OpenKore is a free project, if you stumble upon such updates, you are expected to fix the problem and contribute your changes back. Usually, server supporters will do that, but there isn't any for random private servers, and some official ones may not always be covered.


Numeric serverTypes (0-22, 8_1-8_5) are outdated and aren't being updated to follow server updates, so they probably will not work correctly - that's a real reason to update from OpenKore 2.0.7 and stop using them, if you don't want to update them by yourself. Don't complain that there's just "some problems" with them if you don't have solutions too.

They're kept in OpenKore for use with really outdated official and private servers.

serverType 0 is also used as a base for serverTypes for official servers (except kRO).

Determining kRO serverType

OpenKore 2.0.7 and previous versions does not have kRO serverType and aren't capable of loading it without changes in source. To configure for an up to date pserver, you need svn trunk (or 2.1 when it becomes released), not 2.0.7.

Only official servers have their own serverType, so other servers (private ones) must find the server's executable compilation date and use the appropriate kRO serverType (newer versions) or Sakray serverTypes (older versions)

Currently, kRO serverTypes syntax is:


And Sakray ones is:


You can find all serverType files in src/Network/Receive. Only serverTypes whose files actually do exist would work.

Compilation Date

Executable's compilation date can be changed, so don't really rely on it.

1. Download PE Viewer.

2. Open it and go the File > Open or just press F2. Select your server's executable.


3. Go to PE Header tab.


4. Beside the Time Data Stamp box, see the executable's compilation date.


5. Find the most suitable serverType file in src/Network/Receive/kRO.

For example, if the date was January 26, 2010, file name would be RagexeRE_2010_01_26a.pm.


6. Set serverType to "kRO_" and file name without extension.

For example, if file name was RagexeRE_2010_01_26a.pm, serverType would be kRO_RagexeRE_2010_01_26a.

If there is no file with exact compilation date, try the ones near to that date, or the latest available.

Server Version

Server version changes when there are incompatible changes in protocol (usually master_login packet changes at that point). Try serverTypes corresponding to the server's version. Use eAthena's packet_db as reference.

Packet Appearance

Since there are packets being continually introduced, you may inspect packets (and packet lengths) used on the server (either from already generated recvpackets.txt or from warnings on unknown packets). Use eAthena's packet_db as reference.


  • If you bot on a private server that uses eAthena, DO NOT use kRO_RagexeRE_0, as it is only meant to be used for the official kRO server.