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Technology: Move Console_Commands to different pages with category Category:Console_Command.

Mantorica: Done. Who can delete the Console_Commands page?

Technology: I can, but are we sure we have everything transferred?

manticora: Yes.

Mantorica: And i dont know what to do with debug 2, follow 2, sp 2, timeout 2

Technology: What about we do what EternalHarvest did on Verbose?

Harvest: Debug/verbose/follow can be merged with corresponding config option pages. My opinion about others: merge sp with ss, sm, sl etc; merge timeout to timeouts.txt (and place a link like 'this is config option, if you want to read about console command, go to...'). Maybe there is no need to have single page for each and every command and option? For example, auction commands can sit on one page, north/south/east/west. Single pages (for categories and browsing by name) can redirect to them then.

Harvest: Something like that. Revert if don't like.

manticora: I prefer one command - one page. I dont like many redirect-pages. Harvest: Something like that - it is ok.

Mushroom: One page for each command would be nice if Openkore didn't have commands like as, au, aua, aub, auc, a, m, ma md, ss, sl, s... It's hard to know what command au does by just looking at its name, so if a new user see a page named au, chances are that he would probably skip this page :S

manticora: Mushroom: ...It's hard to know what command au does by just looking at its name... Don't look, click it! You can make categories for example - Auction with au, aua, aub, etc..., also you can write like this:

Note. See also aua, aub, auc ...

manticora: delete debug 2, follow 2, sp 2, timeout 2.