Client Commands

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Client commands: Kore commands: Console Commands

Client Command Kore Command
% (prefix) p
$ (prefix) g
/miss squelchDomains attackMonMiss (config)
/sit sit
/stand stand
/chat chat create
/q chat leave
/memo memo
/bangbang bangbang
/bingbing bingbing
/doridori doridori
/h, /help help
/where where
/ex <name> ignore 1
/in <name> ignore 0
/inall ignore 0 all
/exall ignore 1 all, ignoreAll 1 (config)
/invite party request
/refuse partyAuto 1 (config)
/accept partyAuto 0 (config)
/notrade, /nt
/notalkmsg, /nm squelchDomains publicchat (config)
/notalkmsg2, /nm2 squelchDomains guildchat (config)
/organize party create
/leave party leave
/guild guild create
/breakguild, /gocp guild break
/alchemist top10 alchemist
/blacksmith top10 blacksmith
/taekwon top10 taekwon
/pk top10 pk
/<STAT>+ <number> stat_add
/emotion emotions.txt (tables)
/skillfail, /sf
/loginout, /li
/eqopen showeq me on
/booking booking search
/recruit booking recruit