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Automatically get items from storage when the specified conditions are met.


getAuto <item name> {
	[minAmount <number>]
	[maxAmount <number>]
	[passive <boolean>]
	[dcOnEmpty <boolean>]
	[disabled <boolean>]

Attribute definitions

getAuto <item name>
This option specifies the item to automatically get from the Kafra storage.

minAmount <number>
If this option is set, this specifies the minimum amount of item in inventory before the auto-get sequence is automatically triggered. Kore will go to the NPC when the number of the specified items left in inventory is less than or equal to this amount.

maxAmount <number>
This option specifies the maximum amount of item in inventory that you need. Kore will get an amount equal to the difference between the specified maximum amount and the current amount in inventory.

passive <boolean>
By default, auto-get will be initiated once the amount of that item specified in this block reaches minAmount. Set this option to 1 if you want to get items only during auto-storage.

dcOnEmpty <boolean>
If this option is set true, openkore will disconnect if there are no more items to get from storage.
disabled <boolean>
see Disabled.


  • To determine how to get to and open the storage, the same generic options are used as with storageAuto.


  • Get White Potions from storage when there are no more whites in your inventory:
# In Config.txt
storageAuto 1
storageAuto_npc geffen 120 62
storageAuto_distance 6
storageAuto_npc_type 1

getAuto White Potion {
	minAmount 0
	maxAmount 100
	passive 0
	dcOnEmpty 0
	disabled 0