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Packets not in recvpackets

Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: <switch>

Packet switch not found in recvpackets.txt, so packet length is not known. Recvpackets file needs to be updated for your server.

Information on 016C:

Unknown Packets

Packet Parser: Unknown switch: <switch>

Packet length is known, but packet structure in %packet_list is not found. Packet ignored.

Packet Parser: Unhandled Packet: <switch> Handler: <handler>

Packet length is known and packet structure is found, but there is no handler function in serverType for it. Packet ignored.

Information on unknown / unhandled packets is gathered here.

Server serverType Kore version Packet Switch Purpose When It Encountered Safe to Ignore
mRO - Prontera mRO r7535 02DF Battlegrounds ally coordinates Unknown If you're not using that in logic
mRO - Prontera mRO r7535 02E0 Battlegrounds ally HP Unknown If you're not using that in logic
iRO - Valkyrie iRO Unknown 043D Some kind of delay When using skills
twRO - Free twRO r7538 0440 Unknown (Millenium Shield?) When you or player die Unknown
twRO - Various twRO 0446 Unknown (has NPC and effect) Unknown
< r7557 (implemented) 07F6 Exp change (with additional info) Exp change
< r7552 (implemented) 07FD Item obtain notification / broadcast
  • You obtain "rare" item from monster
  • Others open OBB/OPB
All Renewal 07FF List of renewal features enabled After connecting
0803 0805 0807 0809 080A 080B Booking system Various booking system actions
< r7509 (implemented) 080E Party member HP Party member HP If you're not using that in logic
0814 Buying shop Various buying shop actions

If you have any unknown/unhandled packets not present here or any missing info, you can edit this page to make us know.