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Tokenizer: Unknown Lengths

Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch: <switch>

Packet switch is not found in recvpackets.txt, so packet length isn't known. There's a chance of getting desynced game state (undying monsters, inventory glitches). Recvpackets needs to be updated for your server.

Information on 016C packet not being extracted with packet length extractor:

Parser: Unhandled Packets

Packet Parser: Unknown switch: <switch>
Packet Parser: Unhandled Packet: <switch> Handler: <handler>

Packet length is known, but there is no structure or handler for this packet. Packet ignored. The following packets will be handled as usual.

Reported Unknown switch / Unhandled packet issues
Switch Server serverType Kore version Purpose / When it's encountered Safe to ignore*
02DF mRO - Prontera mRO r7535 Battlegrounds ally coordinates If you're not using that in logic
02E0 mRO - Prontera mRO r7535 Battlegrounds ally HP If you're not using that in logic
043D iRO - Valkyrie iRO Some kind of delay When using skills
0440 twRO - Free twRO r7538 When you or player die


0446 twRO - Various twRO PACKET_ZC_QUEST_NOTIFY_EFFECT(npcID, xPos, yPos, effect, type)
07F6 < r7557 (implemented) Exp change (more detailed than stat_info)
07FD < r7552 (implemented) Rare item from monster / item from OBB/OPB broadcast
07FF All Renewal List of renewal features enabled
0803 0805 0807 0809 080A 080B Booking system
080E < r7509 (implemented) Party member HP If you're not using that in logic
0814 Buying shop

If you have any unknown/unhandled packets not present here or any missing info, you can edit this page to make us know.


Safe to ignore means it's harmless for usual playing. However, since you lack some features of the official client, it can be used as indirect evidence that you're using custom client.