Teleport configuration

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Default teleport settings

Thiese options are defined in config.txt

Equip item before teleporting

Teleporting to hunt monsters

  • This option makes your bot avoid walking behind monsters. Read on Fly Bot.

Teleporting to avoid specific monsters

This option is defined in mon_control.txt.

Teleporting to avoid players

  • Read avoid.txt to avoid players or specific accounts.
  • TeleportAuto_allPlayers teleport till Kore sees no player. Useful to avoid your bot to be seen by other players, but can cause problems if the map has many players inside.

The syntax of the file is mon_control:

 <monster name> <attack> <teleport> <search> <skillcancel> <lv> <joblv> <hp> <sp> <weight> 

Teleport options:

Value Description
1 Teleport till the monsters appears on the screen.
2 Teleport when the monster attacks to not take damage.


Poring -1 1

Completely ignores the monster (not attack) and teleports till the monster is visible on the screen.

Teleport to portals

This option is defined in config.txt.

  • [[route_teleport] must be 1.
  • route_teleport_minDistance will define the distance Kore will stop teleporting near a portal. Example: If set to 200, Kore will stop teleporting when the character is 200 cells near a portal.
  • route_teleport_maxTries the maximum number of teleports before quitting with teleporting near the portal, Kore will walk to the portal.
  • route_teleport_notInMaps causes Kore not to teleport in the specified maps.

Teleport conditions

This option is defined in config.txt.