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This template describes the IsInMapAndCoordinate state Conditions of the automacro eventMacros.
  • Description: Checks if the current map and/or coordinates match one of the given maps.
IsInMapAndCoordinate <comma separated list of pairs of x and y coordinates and/or maps>
It also accepts ranges in place of coordinates. (like 100..200 for x and 50..100 for y)
You can use map, coordinates or map with coordinates
IsInMapAndCoordinate 100 150
IsInMapAndCoordinate prontera
IsInMapAndCoordinate prontra, geffen, gef_fild10
IsInMapAndCoordinate 120 100, 115 289, 158 236
IsInMapAndCoordinate prontera, 100 200, gef_fild10 100..150 250
IsInMapAndCoordinate gef_fild10 20..80 200, payon 50 60
Set variables:
$.IsInMapAndCoordinateLast => Saves the last coordinate that made IsInMapAndCoordinate become true
$.IsInMapAndCoordinateLastMemberIndex => Saves the list index in condition that made IsInMapAndCoordinate become true