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For console command, see timeouts.txt.

Self Conditions

timeout [<seconds>]
If this option is set, wait for the specified number of seconds before using the block again.

Target Monster and Player Conditions

target_timeout [<seconds>]
If this option is set, Kore will wait for this number of seconds before using this skill on a monster/player again. This is different from timeout because the time is stored for each monster/player.


Use Gift Box every 5 seconds.
useSelf_item Gift Box {
	timeout 5

Console Command

timeout (<timeout key>) [<seconds>]
<timeout key>
- a timeout key name from timeouts.txt.
- the time in seconds.
Set a timeout.
Command Description
timeout <timeout key> Display the current value of specified key name.
timeout <timeout key> <seconds> Set a new value for the specified key name.