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Kore uses timeouts to keep AI routines synchronized or allow some AI functions to be executed within certain times. Delays are also used to keep the bot in sync with the server and to prevent Kore from spamming the server with unnecessary packets which would usually cause a disconnection. The file timeouts.txt allows you to modify some of the timeouts Kore uses.

Don't mistake this to a speed hack. Although configuring this file properly will make your bot think and execute functions more efficiently, it will not make your character move any faster than it can normally move.

The format of this file is simply a set of lines that observes the following syntax:


<timeout key> <seconds>


<timeout key>
This is one of the timeout variable names used by Kore. See the timeout list below for a list of available timeout keys.
This is the time in seconds (any positive number). This could be a fractional value.

You shouldn't need to modify most of the timeouts. The default timeouts are already fine. But if you want to custom up the bot, go ahead.

Note. Lines that begin with the pound sign (#) are comment lines. They are ignored by Openkore.

Timeout List

All the timeouts are separated in different pages. The page's name contain the prefix of the timeout, so if you want to know about timeout ai_attack_auto, read the ai_attack page.