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XKore <value>
Game client-reliant botting.
Value Description Kore Game Client Diagram
0 Plain old Kore.
  • required
  • connects to the server
  • unused
XKore 0.png
1 Sniffer: Kore hooks onto client's connection with the server using NetRedirect library.
  • optional
  • hooks onto the client
  • can be closed anytime
  • required
  • connects to the server
  • username and password are passed to the server
XKore 1.png
2 Server: Plain old Kore additionally acts as a custom server for the game client.
  • required, connects to the server
XKore 2.png
3 Proxy: Kore acts as a proxy between the client and the server.
  • required


  • XKore is less tolerant to incorrect server settings. If everything works without XKore and there is some problem with XKore, it may still be a problem with server settings like serverType, charBlockSize etc.

XKore 1

  • Kore will only start functioning when you connect or reconnect after Kore starts.

XKore 2

  • When using multiple Kores simultaneously, the following options should be enabled in maximum of one Kore: autoTalkCont. Otherwise you may experience problems like disconnects.
  • It makes a sense to disable secureAdminPassword, due to adminPassword being used to log in.
  • Original client configured in the same way as with Poseidon.

XKore 3