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Specifies a part of attack skill sequence, when skills need to be used in a certain order.

This is usefull for using monk's combos, Frost Diver followed by Jupiter Thunder etc.


attackComboSlot <skill name> {
	afterSkill <skill name>
	[dist <number>]
	[maxUses <number>]
	[waitBeforeUse <seconds>]
	[autoCombo <boolean>]

	<Skill Use Conditions, including isSelfSkill>
	<Self Conditions>
	<Monster Conditions>

Attribute definitions

attackComboSlot <skill name>
Skill that is going to be used.
afterSkill <skill name>
Kore will use this combo slot right after the skill specified in this option was used. This attribute is required.
dist <number>
This option specifies the distance (in number of blocks) from the monster that Kore will move to before using this skill.
  • This is not a list, so specify only one number.
  • If this option is not set, Kore will use the distance you specified in attackDistance and attackMaxDistance.

maxUses <number>
This option specifies the maximum number of successful usage allowed for this skill.
  • This attribute only counts successful usage. If a skill fails, Kore will continue to use the skill until it finally succeeds even if this option is set to 1.

waitBeforeUse <seconds>
Kore will use the skill after the specified number of seconds has elapsed since the skill specified in afterSkill was used. This is crucial for some combos like the Monk Combo skills.

autoCombo <boolean>
Automatically calculate waitBeforeUse.


Use the Raging Quadruple Blow on Porings right after Triple Attack:

attackComboSlot MO_CHAINCOMBO {
	lvl 5
	dist 1.5
	sp > 30
	monsters Poring
	notMonsters Red Plant, Green Plant, Blue Plant
	waitBeforeUse 0.3
	isSelfSkill 1