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Completely out of scope of openkore documentation.

What are modules

In this context, modules are Perl libraries. Some openkore features or plugins require modules from CPAN which are not bundled with openkore.


Linux and OS X

Your system repositories

The following naming scheme is used in Debian: module File::Slurp is in package libfile-slurp-perl.


Run cpan File::Slurp to download and install the specified module.


Active Perl

Active Perl offers a program to download and install modules with a user friendly interface, called Perl Packet Manager (PPM), and a different mirror. The service is paid.

How to install modules using the PPM:

  1. Open Perl Package Manager (Start -> Run -> 'ppm')
  2. In the graphical interface that appears, search for the modules using the text field above and select the modules you want to install or upgrade
  3. After mark modules, click the green arrow to start the download and installation


The Strawberry offers a console program to download and install modules directly from the official repository, CPAN. The service is free.

How to install modules using the Strawberry:

  1. After installing Strawberry, open the CPAN Client (In Windows Vista and later, just search on the start menu by CPAN)
  2. In the console, use the following command to install modules:
install <module name>

Note: If the module has - in its name, substitute to ::. For example: Protocol-WebSocket should be typed Protocol::WebSocket