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Virtual Machines

What is a virtual machine?

It is a machine implemented through software that simulates another operating system within the real computer.

What is the use of a virtual machine?

Virtual machines are extremely useful in everyday life, they allow the user to run other operating systems within a window, having access to all the software you need and giving you the opportunity to test potentially dangerous programs.

What are the advantages of a virtual machine?

  • Facilitates the improvement and testing of new operating systems.
  • Enables the comparison of various operating systems using the same equipment.
  • Run different operating systems on the same hardware simultaneously.
  • Simulates changes and hardware failures for testing or reconfiguration of an operating system, providing reliability and scalability for applications.
  • Decreasing hardware costs.
  • Facilities in management, migration and replication of computers, applications or operating systems.
  • Reliability and availability, the software failure does not affect the other computer services.

What are the disadvantages of a virtual machine?

  • Management: The virtual environments need to be: monitored, configured and saved.
  • There are products that provide these solutions, however, this is the field in which they are the largest investments in virtualization, because it is one of the biggest setbacks in the implementation of virtualization.
  • Performance: Currently, there are no consolidated methods to measure the performance of virtualized environments. However, introducing an extra layer of software between the operating system and hardware generates a processing cost which is higher than it would be without the virtualization. Another important point to emphasize is that no one knows exactly how many virtual machines can be run per processor, without the loss of quality of service.

Virtual machine software

  • Currently only the applications of the VMWare corporation have support for 3D applications.

Comparison Table VMWare Player and VMWare WorkStation ®

Comparison Table VMWare Player and VMWare WorkStation ®

Dictionary for beginners

  • Host: Is your computer. That's where you start your main operating system to do everything.
  • Guest: Is your virtual machine. It is an operating system created by you which you will use to start the Poseidon with VMWare Player.
  • Poseidon: It is a way to fool the GameGuard by using OpenKore. This tool keeps a player on the Ragnarok server, when you login with a fictional character he/ she will just stand at the same place all the time without being able to move. The Poseidon and Ragnarok client should be open all time for the OpenKore work properly.
  • OpenKore: Is the Ragnarok bot. A tool designed to emulate a player playing normally, but through preprogrammed functions by the user in their own language

VMWare Player

  • Learn how to create your virtual machine with VMWare Player