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Support for a server doesn't come from nowhere - if your server is supported then that's because someone developed support for that server. Likewise, if your server is not supported, then that means someone will have to develop support for that server. If you have programming skills, please help us with writing support for your favorite server! Just post a message at Developers Corner. Thank you.

Official Servers

Server's Name Reason Last time checked
kRO (Korea Ragnarok Online) Sara/Rangidis/Thanatos Uses gameGuard (or HackShield). Only able to bot using poseidon. November 14, 2009
kRO (Korea Ragnarok Online) Sakray User has to manually solve a captcha on login. November 14, 2009
bRO (Brazil Ragnarok Online) Uses gameGuard (or HackShield). Only able to bot using poseidon. October 25, 2009

Private Servers

Server's Name Reason Last time checked
AngelRO GameFort October 25, 2009
AtlantisRO Custom packet encryption October 25, 2009
BlackoutRO Custom packet encryption. Supported! March 30, 2013
ChelasROck Custom packet encryption April 2, 2013
DarkRO (Force) Unknown August 2, 2010
DemonicRO Unknown August 2, 2010
IntenseRO Vanguard August 2, 2010
GatheringRO Custom packet encryption. Possibly Supported! April 2, 2013
LimitRO Unknown August 2, 2010
LykanRO Unknown August 2, 2010
MundoRag GameFort October 25, 2009
MyRO Elecom Shield August 2, 2010
PBRO GameFort October 25, 2009
RagnaBR Elecom Shield. October 25, 2009
RagnaProject GameFort October 25, 2009
RagnaRush GameFort October 25, 2009
RagnaSony GameFort October 25, 2009
RebirthRO Anti-Bot System in place. October 25, 2009
XatiyaRO Elecom Shield April 2, 2013