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orphan [ terminate | reregister | reregister_safe | terminate_last_call ]
  • orphan is an optional parameter.
  • orphan defines how will eventMacro deal with macros when 'eventMacro' is cleaned out of AI queue.
  • The default value for this parameter can be set in the config key eventMacro_orphans Configuration files.
  • If not used in the automacro the default value will be used, which is the config key eventMacro_orphans.
  • If eventMacro_orphans is not set in the config the default value will be used, which is: terminate
  • The valid values and their descriptions are the following:
Value Description
terminate terminates the macro (equivalent to eventMacro stop)
terminate_last_call terminates only the last call of the queue, this means that if macro 'mac1' called 'mac2' which called 'mac3', who got orphaned, only 'mac3' gets terminated, and queue returns to 'mac2'.
reregister re-registers to AI queue, overriding other entries. This means to force the continuation of the macro.
reregister_safe re-registers to AI queue when AI gets idle. This means the macro will continue when all other tasks are done.