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Lists all known portals


<source map> <x> <y> <destination map> <x> <y> [<zeny cost> <allow ticket> <NPC conversation codes>]
<source map> <x> <y>
Source location. This is the coordinates within a portal warping radius or the coordinates of an NPC which offers teleporting options.
<destination map> <x> <y>
Destination location. This is where the portal or NPC takes you.
[<zeny cost>]
Zeny cost of this route, if any.
[<allow ticket>]
put 1 if you can use a Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation (item_id = 7060)
[<NPC conversation codes>]
NPC conversation codes, if this is an NPC warp.


  • When adding a new portal, make sure to add it to the correct portals.txt. bRO, for instance, uses portals.txt in tables/bRO, not the one in tables/.

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