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The file items_control.txt allows you to automatically manage items in your inventory. If you are using storageAuto and/or sellAuto, this gives you control over which items to put in storage and which items to sell. It also has features for automatically transfering items to and from your cart.

All data in this file is case-insensitive.


The format of this file is simply a set of lines that observes the following syntax:

<item name> <minimum> <auto-store> <auto-sell> [put in cart] [get from car]

<item name>

This is the full name of an item. You can use the keyword "all" to set default options for all items.
Development.pngThe following documentation describes a feature that was greatly changed in SVN trunk (latest development version) since the last release.
It may work differently or not be available if you're using 2.0.7 or any older version.

Name can be enclosed in quotes for the situation when it contains number at the end.


Minimum amount of the item that you want to keep in inventory. This is useful for keeping a certain amount of stackable items in your inventory.


Store this item when storageAuto is set.

Value Description
0 Do not store this item.
1 Store items from inventory.
2 Store items from inventory and cart.


This is a boolean. Sell this item when sellAuto is set.

[put in cart]

This is a boolean. Put the item to the cart when the amount of that item in inventory is greater than <minimum>.

[get from car]

This is a boolean. Get the item from the cart when the amount of that item in inventory is less than <minimum>.


  • Any minimum amount other than 0 or 1 won't work as expected for non-stackable items (like armors). For example, it can't be used to keep 3 Knives in inventory and store or sell the rest.
  • If both storage and sell are enabled, the storage will be done first (unless it's full).
  • Equipped items won't be sold or stored. For example, if you're using a Knife and you have a line to auto-sell all Knives, Kore will sell all Knives except for the one you are currently wielding. This also applies to the cart-transfering options.




The example below will make Kore do the following:

  • Sell all Jellopies.
  • Store all Knives.
  • Put all Flowers in cart.
  • Get Red Potions from cart if there is less than 20 Red Potions in your inventory.
  • Store all other items.
Jellopy 0 0 1
Knife 0 1 0
Flower 0 0 0 1 0
Red Potion 20 0 0 0 1
all 0 1 0



Now sellAuto will not proceed to sell items marked as unsellable by the server, even if they're configured to be sold.

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