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Per-item settings for picking up and gathering items.

Empty configuration will result in not picking up any items.


The format of this file is simply a set of lines that observes the following syntax:

<item_name or item_id> <value>
<item_name or item_id>
This is the simple name of an item. Keyword "all" can be used to set the default value for all items not specified in configuration. You can also specify the ID of the item.
Determines picking up and gathering behavior for specified item.
Value Description
-1 Drop the item when it enters your inventory.
0 Don't pick up / gather the item.
1 Pick up / gather the item using normal picking up and gathering sequences.
>=2 Try to pick up / gather the item as fast as possible when it appears in 5 cell distance around you.


  • Kore can see unidentified items, so just use normal item names as if they are already identified.
  • Specify item names without the refine level and compounded cards (simple names). For example, if you specified to pick up "Stiletto [3]", it will pick up all 3-slotted Stilettos, including "+9 3-slotted Stilettos" and "Triple Hurricane Stilettos".
  • Value -1 is useful for Rogues with Gank skill.
  • Don't use value 2 on normal, seemingly worthless, items.




In the following example, kore will pick up Old Blue Boxes and 2-slotted Two-handed Axes as quickly as possible. It will ignore 3-slotted Axes, Magnifiers and Arrows (ID 1750) and drop those items when they are in the inventory. All other items will be picked up by default.

Old Blue Box 2
Two-handed Axe [2] 2
Axe [3] -1
Magnifier -1
1750 -1 # Arrow

#Pick up all items by default
all 1