configure a vending bot

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A vending bot is only used to open a shop with items using a vending name, price and location presets.

Attack settings

attackAuto -1.

Item settings

itemsTakeAuto and itemsGatherAuto on 0.

Location settings

If not set, the bot will not open a shop.

Route settings

Skill and item usage settings

Inactivate all config block, such as useSelf_skill, useSelf_item and useSelf_skill.


  • shopAuto_open must be 1. Enables the automatic opening of the shop when you arrive at lockMap.
  • shop_random is enabled, set the items in a random order.
  • shop_useSkill it is recommended to leave 1 for safety. Forces the bot to use the ability Commerce before opening the shop. If you are at 0, you wil open a shop without spending SP and without using skills.

Shop settings

Set the name of the shop, items and prices using the shop.txt