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Automatically use items when certain conditions are met.


useSelf_item <item name> [, <item name> [, ...] ] {
	[dcOnEmpty <boolean flag>]

	# Self Conditions

Attribute definitions

<item name>
This option specifies a comma-separated list of items that will automatically be used on self.
  • Only one of the listed items will be used, so if the listed items are Orange Potion, Red Potion, White Potion and the conditions are met and we have Orange Potion, it will be used.

dcOnEmpty <boolean>
If this option is set, disconnect if there are no more items in inventory to use.


These blocks should have timeout set, otherwise they can instantly consume more items then you wanted them to. Treat it like timeout for server to process item usage and your client to receive environment changes (for other block conditions used).


  • Use Concentration Potion when Concentration Potion status is off and Kore is not sitting and it's in lockMap.
useSelf_item Concentration Potion {
	whenStatusInactive EFST_ATTHASTE_POTION1
	inLockOnly 1
	notWhileSitting 1
	timeout 5