useSelf skill

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Uses skill on caster (usually your character) when all specified conditions are met.


useSelf_skill <skill name> {
	[smartEncore <boolean>]

	# Skill Use Conditions
	# Self Conditions

Attribute definitions

useSelf_skill <skill name>
This block specifies the skill to automatically use on self.

smartEncore <boolean>
If this option is set, Kore will use Encore skill instead of the specified skill if Encore would cause this skill to be cast (saves SP for bards and dancers).


Use skill Crazy Uproar on yourself if you do not have status Crazy Uproar active and your SP is higher than 8.

useSelf_skill MC_LOUD {
	lvl 1
	sp > 8
	whenStatusInactive EFST_SHOUT