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charBlockSize <value>
Length (in bytes) of data block describing each of your characters in the packet with character list (received_characters) on character selection screen.

Correct value for a server may be not supported by a specific serverType or not supported at all, so merely trying values mentioned here may not be enough.

charBlockSize kRO date Kore version Notes
New charBlockSizes are being constantly introduced.
155 a6d3f87 exp int64
147 df50355
146 3aeba6a
145 3001eab and 8fa8dfa iRO's Doram update
144 2011-10-25 876acab
140 2011-09-28 876acab "change slot feature"
136 2011-01-11 b5b8e07 "robe"
132 2010-08-03 b5b8e07 "delete date"
128 daefa83
124 3b07ffe bRO (bifröst update)
116 addabe5
112 9862177 Topic on the forum
108 9862177 Topic on the forum
106 (default)

Dates are for a reference with default Athena configuration only, any server can reconfigure that.

In Athena code base, function mmo_char_tobuf generates character blocks.

Development.pngImplementation of this feature is expected to become outdated with server updates.
As OpenKore is a free project, if you stumble upon such updates, you are expected to fix the problem and contribute your changes back. Usually, server supporters will do that, but there isn't any for random private servers, and some official ones may not always be covered.