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Tasks on hand

  • release 2.1, make a stable branch for backporting security fixes (2.1.x)
  • no more 0-22 ST for what-will-be-after-2.1
  • remove duplication of packet handlers in 0/kRO
  • more API for commands (argument parsing outside of command handlers)
  • rewrite Network parser/tokenizer, start Environment, isolate Network within it???
  • SmartEvent/SmartHook and EnvironmentQueue???
  • make an all-purpose Environment, isolate Ragnarok Online stuff within it???
  • rewrite old-style AI into Tasks

Upcoming tasks

  • get rid of Globals
  • multiple account/connection support (with interaction)
  • rewrite XKore (DONE in what-will-be-2.1) and Poseidon (does it need that?) to use common Network-ST system
  • more API for tables (writing them), database-based tables
  • WPE/Wireshark-alike mode
  • implementation of other (non-RO) protocols
  • rewrite/replacement for macro plugin
  • libgrf support

Cleaning up