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Self Conditions:

hp <range>[%]
homunculus_hp <range>[%]

Monster Conditions:

target_hp <range>[%]

Note: Only available kRO 04/04/2012 and later, if the game client has HP bar for monsters available.

Player Conditions:

target_hp <range>[%]
Only use the block if the corresponding actor's HP matches the specified range. The amount of hp can be in % (percent) or it can the the absolute amount of hp.


Use White Potion when your hp is bellow 800:

useSelf_item White Potion {
	hp < 800

Use White Potion when hp is bellow 10%. So, if you have 100 maximum hp it will use White Potion when your hp is bellow 10, because 10% of 100 is 10:

useSelf_item White Potion {
	hp < 10%