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How to extract custom maps and create FLD file

(note: short version)

  • 1. Extract the map (gat and rsw)
  • 2. Copy both to the root of your OpenKore folder
  • 3. Execute script: gat_to_fld.pl (You will find the created .fld data in the root of your OpenKore folder.)
  • 4. Copy created .fld data to OpenKore\fields
  • 5. Enjoy

You can either execute the script by using:

  • a perl interpreter of choice
  • the perl interpreter kore uses: start.exe
  1. cd to kore's root folder
  2. run the following command:
 C:\Openkore-SVN>start.exe ! .\fields\tools\gat_to_fld.pl

Note: in this example the root folder was: C:\Openkore-SVN, yours can be different depending on where you have installed Kore.

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