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Artificial intelligence may refer to the intelligence exhibited by a computer or other human-designed machine or system. In other words when the ai is on ("ai on"), it will do everything from walking to lockMap, to attacking monsters, looting, and selling on its own. Setting "ai manual" will only allow the bot to react when told to, not on its own. And turning "ai off" the bot will do nothing but stand there.

ai [on | off]
ai [manual | auto]
Toggles AI on or off.
Command Description
ai Toggles AI on, off or manual.
ai on Turns AI on.
ai off Turns AI off.
ai auto Sets AI to auto mode. Same as "ai on".
ai manual Sets AI to manual mode.

When AI is off, you cannot use some console commands (e.g. move) with Kore. The manual AI mode is useful for disabling certain automatic AI functions like auto-skills, autostorage, etc, but still allowing you to use basic commands like move, talknpc, etc.

ai ai_v
Displays a formatted output of the contents of the %ai_v hash, for debugging purposes.

ai clear
Clears AI sequences.

ai print
Displays detailed info about current AI sequence.