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Uses specified skill when attacking and all specified conditions are met.


attackSkillSlot [<skill name>] {
	dist [<number>]
	maxAttempts [<number>]
	maxUses [<number>]
	previousDamage [<range>]

	# Skill Use Conditions, including isSelfSkill
	# Self Conditions
	# Target Monster Conditions

Attribute definitions

attackSkillSlot <skill name>
This option specifies the skill to automatically use when attacking.

dist [<number>]
This option specifies the distance (in number of blocks) from the monster that Kore will move to before using this skill.
  • This is not a list, so specify only one number.
  • If this option is not set, Kore will use the distance you specified in attackDistance and attackMaxDistance.

maxAttempts [<number>]
This option specifies the maximum number of attempts allowed to use this skill. Use this to limit usage of skills that could fail (e.g. Steal).

maxUses [<number>]
This option specifies the maximum number of successful usage allowed for this skill.
  • This attribute only counts successful usage. If a skill fails, Kore will continue to use the skill until it finally succeeds even if this option is set to 1.

previousDamage <range>
If this option is set, the skill will only be used if the damage you have dealt to the monster is within the specified range


  • Use Holy Cross on monsters Khalitzburg, Raydric, Whisper:
attackSkillSlot Holy Cross {
	lvl 10
	dist 1.5
	sp > 30
	monsters Khalitzburg,Raydric,Whisper,Whisper Boss