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avoidGM_namePattern [<regular expression>]
By default, Kore identifies Game Masters as those players whose names follow the pattern:

The regular expression above matches the names iro-Sub-GM Hakore or pro[GM] Hakore. In case your server uses non-standard GM names, you can use this option to override the pattern by specifying a regular expression for GM names.


  • Do not include the enclosing slashes ("/").
  • If you want to learn more about regular expressions, visit the site http://www.regular-expressions.info. Alternatively, you can search the web for the phrase "regular expression".

avoidGM_near [<flag>]
When Kore encounters players whose name matches a certain pattern for Game Master names (see avoidGM_namePattern), Kore can choose to avoid them. If you want to avoid Game Masters, set this option to one of the following possible values to determine what action you will do when one is seen on screen.
Value Description
0 Do not avoid GMs.
1 Teleport away and then disconnect.
2 Disconnect.
3 Teleport away.
4 Respawn.
5 Respawn and then disconnect.

Note. If you disconnect to avoid a GM, you will reconnect after the number of seconds specified in avoidGM_reconnect has elapsed.

avoidGM_near_inTown [<boolean>]
If avoidGM_near is set, this option specifies whether you want to avoid Game Masters in towns or not. If this option is set to 1, Kore will try to avoid GMs even when you are in town. Set this to 0 if you don't want Kore to avoid GMs in town.

avoidGM_talk [<boolean>]
If this option is set to 1, Kore will automatically disconnect if GM send you private message.

avoidGM_reconnect [<seconds>]
If avoidGM_near is set and you disconnect to avoid a Game Master, this option specifies the time in seconds Kore will wait and sleep before reconnecting again.

avoidGM_ignoreList <player_names>
If you don't want to avoid certain Game Masters or you want to prevent Kore from avoiding certain players that Kore might accidentally identify as Game Master (due to false name pattern matches), use this option to specify a comma-separated list of player names that will be excluded from avoidGM checks.

Attention: the "avoidGM_ ***" config parameters do not use data from the avoid.txt file!