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Possible sources of tables dirs list:

  • default "tables" directory
    • FIXME: make additional argument to redefine default dir? - TODO
    • FIXME: search in default system share or look in environment settings?
  • directory list from --tables command line argument
  • directory named after serverType - REMOVED
    • FIXME: no point to automatically add these, as all the servers where it's usable are in distributed configuration, so servers.txt can be used instead
    • FIXME: majority of servers uses kRO serverType and gets Korean tables by default (should be English)
  • addTableFolders from servers.txt entry
    • FIXME: what if default directory redefined somehow? Currently there have "tables/iRO" form, maybe should be "iRO" instead - IMPLEMENTED

Use Cases

Wanted behavior:

Preconfigured Official Servers

  • default: uses default tables with server-specific tables subdir (which can be configured via servers.txt)
  • --tables: provided tables only

Preconfigured Private Servers

(localhost, RMS, KoreRO etc)

  • default: uses default tables with iRO or kRO-translated tables subdir
  • --tables: provided tables only

Other Private Servers

  • default: user should configure servers.txt to select additional tables directory, as root itself is no longer usable
  • --tables: provided tables only