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Message domains are names used to classify messages printed in the console.

For information about a certain messages that you see in your console, set the option showDomain in config.txt to 1, making Openkore display domains along with messages in the console.

List of Message Domains

Name Description
ai_attack Attack messages
ai_npcTalk NPC talk sequence messages.
attacked Monster attacks you.
attackedMiss Monster attacks you but misses.
attackMon You attack monster.
attackMonMiss You attack monster but misses.
connection Connection messages.
console Messages without defined group.
deal Deal messages.
devotion Devotion messages.
drop Monster drop related messages.
emotion Emoticon messages.
exp Experience gained message.
equip Equipment switching message.
follow Follow messages.
guildchat Guild chat message.
guildnotice Guild notice message.
info Character information messages.
input User input messages.
inventory Inventory related messages.
list Actor's list message.
load Loading config files messages.
looter Attacking looter message.
map_event PvP/GvG mode messages.
npc NPC messages.
parseMsg_statuslook Changed status/equipment messages.
parseMsg/hairColor Hair color change message.
parseMsg/job Job change message.
parseMsg/upgrade Item upgrading message.
party Party/follow related message.
partychat Party chat messages.
pet Pet related messages.
plugins Plugin handle messages.
pm Received private messages.
pm/sent Sent private messages.
portals Portal existance messages.
portalRecord Recording of portals messages.
publicchat Public chat message.
refine Weapon refining messages.
route Routing/pathfinding messages.
route_teleport Route teleport messages.
schat GM broadcast messages.
selfSkill Skills used by yourself messages.
skill Skills not related to attack messages.
sold Items sold while vending messages.
startup Startup messages.
storage Storage item added/removed messages.
success Operation succeeded messages.
syntax Syntax check files messages.
teleport Teleporting messages.
useItem Items used by you messages.
useTeleport Attemp to use teleport messages.
waypoint Waypoint messages.
xkore X-Kore system messages.

List of Debug Domains

  • ai
  • ai_attack
  • ai_autoCart
  • ai_makeItem
  • ai_move
  • ai_npcTalk
  • attackMonMiss
  • autoBreakTime
  • connection
  • d_sendPacket
  • debug
  • drop
  • equipAuto
  • guild
  • ipc
  • Item
  • monsterSkill
  • npc
  • packetParser
  • parseInput
  • parseMsg
  • parseMsg_comboDelay
  • parseMsg_damage
  • parseMsg_move
  • parseMsg_presence
  • parseMsg_presence/name
  • parseMsg_presence/player
  • parseMsg_presence/remote
  • parseMsg_statuslook
  • parseSendMsg
  • pet
  • route
  • route_teleport
  • sendPacket
  • sitAuto
  • skill
  • storage
  • useTeleport
  • vending