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Automatically equip items when certain conditions are met.


equipAuto {
	[weight <percent>]
	[whileSitting <boolean>]
	[target <monster names>]
	<equipment slot> [<equipment name>]
	[ <equipment slot> [<equipment name>] ]
	[ ... ]

	# Self Conditions
	# Monster Conditions

Attribute definitions

weight <percent>
If this option is set, auto-equip only when weight is at or above the specified percent.

whileSitting <boolean>
If this option is set, auto-equip while Kore is sitting.

target <monster names>
<equipment_slot> <equipment name>
If this option is set for a specific equipment slot, Kore will automatically equip the specified equipment on the corresponding equipment slot when all conditions for this block are met.
Use [NONE] to unequip the slot


  • Equip a a +4 Shoes of Health and a Robust Clip when you are sitting to regenerate HP.
equipAuto {
	shoes +4 Shoes [Zombie] [1] 
	leftAccessory Clip [Muka] [1]
	onAction sitAuto
	whileSitting 1
  • Unequip topHead when standing from sitAuto
equipAuto {
	topHead [NONE]
	notOnAction sitAuto