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itemsCheckWeight <boolean>
Enables automatic recalculation of the number of items that are planned to be placed in a inventory or cart. Recalculation occurs when using console commands: cart add, cart get, storage get, storage gettocart. When moving items to the storage, this parameter is not taken into account (it is assumed that the storage is bottomless, or it is used dcOnStorageFull).
Example: char can lift 100 kg. weight, the item weighs 10 kg. So only 10 items fit in the inventory. You enter a command storege get 5 15 (take from the storage 15 items).
When using the itemsCheckWeight 0 option, the bot will try to take 15 items and get an error "inventory full".
When using the itemsCheckWeight 1 the bot will recalculate and try to take 10 items.
This can be useful when you want to automatically take a maximum of items without specifying the number of pieces. (example: storage get 5)