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In RO, Mailboxes can be found in most towns.

RO Mailbox.webp RO MailInbox.webp RO ComposeMail.webp


mail open
Send request to open Mailbox

mail list
List your Mailbox.

mail refresh
Send request to refresh and update Mailbox

mail read <mail #>
<mail #> - mail index (number integer)
Open the selected mail.

mail get <mail #>
Take attachments from the selected mail

mail setzeny <amount>
mail setzeny none
Attach zeny to mail or return it back

mail add <item #> <amount>
mail add none
<item #> - item index (number integer). See command "i"
Attach the selected item to mail or return it back

mail send <receiver> <title> <body>
Send mail to <receiver>
<receiver> and <title> - required fields, <body> - optional field.

mail delete <mail #>
<mail #> - mail index (number integer)
Delete the selected mail

mail write
Start writing a mail

mail return <mail #>
<mail #> - mail index (number integer)
Returns the mail to the sender