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merc [s | status | fire | move (<x> <y>) | standby | aiv]
- x-coordinate.
- y-coordinate.
Interact with Mercenary.
Command Description
merc s Display mercenary status.
merc status Display mercenary status.
merc fire Fires your mercenary.
merc move <x> <y> Moves your mercenary.
merc standby Makes your mercenary standby.
merc aiv Display current mercenary AI.

merc ai [on | auto | manual | off | clear | print]
Interact with mercenary AI.
Command Description
merc ai Toggles AI on, off or manual.
merc on Turns mercenary AI on.
merc auto Turns mercenary AI on.
merc manual Turns mercenary AI to manual.
merc off Turns mercenary AI off.
merc clear Clears mercenary AI.
merc print Prints mercenary AI.

merc skills [(add | desc) [<skill #>]]
<skill #>
- a corresponding number from the skills list when you use the merc skills command.
Command Description
merc skills Displays mercenary skills.
merc skills add <skill #> Add a skill point to the current mercenary skill.
merc desc <skill #> Display a description of the specified mercenary skill.