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Automatically use skills on monsters even if it is not currently attacking them. This is useful for fighting multiple opponents at once. For example, an Acolyte can offensive-Bless Khalitzburg even if it's not your current target, or a Knight can Provoke all Sohees and then Brandish Spear them.


monsterSkill <skill name> {
	target <monster names>
	maxUses <number>

	# Skill Use Conditions, including isSelfSkill
	# Self Conditions
	# Target Monster Conditions

Attribute definitions

monsterSkill <skill name>
This option specifies the skill to automatically use on monsters as long as you are not currently using any other skill.

target <monster names>
This option specifies on which monsters the skill will be used.
  • This option is required. If you don't set this option, the skill will never be used.

maxUses <number>
This option specifies the maximum number of successful usage allowed for this skill.
  • This attribute only counts successful usage. If a skill fails, Kore will continue to use the skill until it finally succeeds even if this option is set to 1.


Use Provoke on Sohee until there are more than five monsters attacking you, then use Brandish Spear to kill them.

monsterSkill SM_PROVOKE {
	lvl 1
	sp > 15
	aggressives < 5
	maxUses 1
	target Sohee
 	target_dist 7

attackSkillSlot KN_BRANDISHSPEAR {
	lvl 10
	dist 1.5
	sp > 20
	aggressives >= 5
	monsters Sohee