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Automatically use skills on players when specified conditions are met.


partySkill <skill name> {
	notPartyOnly <boolean>
	dist <range>
	target {<player names> | @homunculus | @mercenary}

	# Skill Use Conditions, including isSelfSkill
	# Self Conditions
	# Target Player Conditions

Attribute definitions

partySkill <skill name>
This option specifies the skill to automatically use on players as long as you are not currently using any other skill.

dist <range>
This option specifies the distance (in number of blocks) from the monster that Kore will move to before using this skill.

notPartyOnly <boolean flag>
By default, Kore will only use party skills on members of your party. If this option is set to 1, Kore will also be allowed to use this on non-party members.

target {<player names> | @homunculus | @mercenary}
If this option is set, Kore will only use the specified skill on the specified comma-separated list of players/party members. @homunculus and @mercenary used to refer to your active ones. If this option is left blank, Kore will use the skill on all players/party members.



  • Use Blessing level 10 on all your party members when your SP is higher than 64 and they aren't with Blessing status.
partySkill AL_BLESSING {
 	lvl 10
 	sp > 64
 	target_whenStatusInactive EFST_BLESSING

  • Use Increase AGI level 10 on everybody near your when your SP is higher than 45 and they aren't with Increase AGI status.
partySkill AL_INCAGI {
 	lvl 10
 	sp > 45
	notPartyOnly 1
 	target_whenStatusInactive EFST_AGIUP