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The options below will only work if OpennKore is using the plugin. Plugins are included in the sys.txt file.

skillsAddAuto <boolean>
Automatically raise the level of your character's skills following skillsAddAuto_list.
skillsAddAuto_list <skill name> <skill level> [, <skill name> <skill level> [, ...] ]
Specifies which skills to raise and up to what level with skillsAddAuto.
Notes: <skill level> is the level to raise to, not the count of skill point assignments. See the examples below.


  • Raise Basic Skill to level 9. After that is done, it will raise Increase HP Recovery to level 10, and then raise Sword Mastery to level 10.
skillsAddAuto_list NV_BASIC 9, SM_RECOVERY 10, SM_SWORD 10
  • Skills can be listed more than once. Here, we distribute skill points to thief skills more evenly, by naming the same skill multiple times, but with different levels to raise to. In this case, Improve Dodge will be raised to Level 5, and after skill points are assigned to the Double Attack and Steal skills, we return to assign skill points to Improve Dodge raising it from Level 6 to Level 10.
skillsAddAuto_list NV_BASIC 9, TF_MISS 5, TF_DOUBLE 5, TF_STEAL 10, TF_MISS 10, TF_DOUBLE 10