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The options below will only work if OpennKore is using the plugin. Plugins are included in the sys.txt file.

statsAddAuto [<boolean>]
Automatically distribute status points to raise your stats.
statsAddAuto_list <number> <stat> [, <number> <stat> [, ...] ]
Specifies which stats to raise and up to what value.
<stat> is the three-letter stat name (str, agi, int, vit, dex, luk).
statsAddAuto_dontUseBonus [<boolean>]
Ignores bonus stats when adding status points.
statsAdd_over_99 <boolean>
Allows Kore to add stats points over 99. Useful for private servers that the maximum stat is more than 99.
Developer Notes: Limit of 99 should be ignored for third classes, where the corresponding limit is 120 instead. statsAdd_over_120 <boolean> or statsAdd_over_max <boolean> or statsAdd_limit <number> would be nice, too.


  • Add stats points in agi until it reaches 50 and in str until it reaches 30. (both counting bonus)
statsAddAuto 1
statsAddAuto_dontUseBonus 0
statsAddAuto_list 50 agi, 30 str
  • Add stats points in vit and agi until it reaches 30 and 99, consecutively. (not counting bonus, so if you vit is 15 + 2, it will add until it gets to 30 + 2 and not 28 + 2).
statsAddAuto 1
statsAddAuto_dontUseBonus 1
statsAddAuto_list 30 vit, 99 agi