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talk (<npc #> | cont | resp | resp (<response #>) | num <number> | text <string> | no)
<npc #>
- a corresponding number from the npc list when you use the nl command.
<response #>
- a corresponding number from the response list when you use the talk resp command.
- any number.
- any string.
Command Description
talk <npc #> Manually talk to an NPC.
talk cont Continue talking to NPC. This is the same as clicking the next button when talking to an NPC in the Ragnarok Online Client.
talk resp Display the list of available responses to NPC.
talk resp (<response #>) Send a response to an NPC (when prompted for a response).
talk num (<number>) Send a number to NPC (when prompted for a number).
talk text (<string>) Send text/string to NPC.
talk no End or cancel conversation with NPC.


  • talk resp "<full response text>"
  • talk resp /<reponse text regexp>/