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teleportAuto_search <number>
Specifies the minimum number of search monsters that should be found on screen before activating auto-attack.


  • Has nothing to do with teleporting. This is auto attack setting, as described, and only modifies auto attack activating. attackAuto and other attack options need to be configured to actually attack (otherwise this option would do nothing).
  • teleportAuto_idle needs to be configured to actually teleport, but you can use route_randomWalk etc instead. Some way to encounter new monsters needs to be configured to actually actively search for monsters (otherwise you'll just be waiting for them to come to you).
  • Only needed if you search for certain monsters (or certain amount of monsters) to auto attack.


Don't start attacking monsters if there is less than 3 Poporings found on screen.

# mon_control.txt
Poporings 1 0 1

# config.txt
teleportAuto_search 3



Support for a minimum number of search monsters. Value is now number (previously was boolean).


Now not a teleport option, but auto attack option. Fixes pointless fights when no search monsters are around. teleportAuto_idle is now required to mimic old behaviour.


Fixed interaction with other AI sequences.

Available pre-openkore

This feature was already available before OpenKore. See more here.