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Notes for updating to OpenKore 2.1.

TODO: add this file to distribution!


Official servers

Official servers now have their own serverTypes, which update according to corresponding server (instead of updating servers.txt on server update).

Default servers.txt is already configured for official servers, so just use it if you play on officials.

Private servers

Private servers settings are not included anymore, because this information quickly becomes outdated and nobody keeps it up to date. Most likely, you need to use new kRO serverTypes tree. More information on how to configure server settings in Connectivity Guide.

Skill and status name changes

Now you can use skill and status handles (like AL_HEAL, EFST_BLESSING) instead of skill names. You will need this for mercenary skills that have the same name with some skills of your character - such as Provoke (MER_PROVOKE).

If you have trouble with specifying localized skill names, check them with console command skills from OpenKore.

Another useful outcome is that this configuration will be independent of localizations and name changes, as handles most likely will not be changed ever.

Localized tables

By default, official servers will use corresponding included table sets with localized items, skills, statuses etc. If you will decide to use these, you most likely will need to rewrite names of items, skills and statuses in your control files to the localized ones or to handles.

If you have trouble with specifying localized item/status names, check them with console commands from OpenKore.

If you want to use table set resembling pre-2.1 default set, you can use iRO table set.

If you want to use exact control files which you used with previous releases of OpenKore (pre-2.1), set locale_compat 1 in sys.txt (or manually select "Old" table set). Maybe in future there will be support for multiple table sets or some converting tool.

You can always specify which table set(s) to use with servers.txt option addTableFolders or command line argument --tables.

Unknown packets


New features

  • captcha in login sequence (as on kRO)
follow instructions when encountered

Console Commands

  • remote party request:
 party request <player name>
  • pet:
 pet {c[apture] | h[atch] | s[tatus] | i[nfo] | f[eed] | p[erformance] | r[eturn] | u[nequip] | n[ame] <name>}
  • quests:
 quest {list | info <ID> | set <ID> {on | off} }
  • cooking:
 cook <index>
  • refining:
 refine <item name or index>
  • show player equipment:
 showeq {me {on | off} | p <player partial name or index>}
  • kill homunculus:
 homun fire
  • battleground chat:
 bg <text>
  • use skill on slave:
 ssl <skill #> <target #> [<skill level>] 



  • portal compilator on init behaviour - config option:
 portalCompile -1|0|1

Other updates

  • cities.txt updated
  • devotion messages now have their own domain, allowing to squelch them
  • autoBreakTime and state.yml generation moved to plugins (plugins are in svn)

Known problems

Things that are not fixed in this release.

  • idRO: you need a patch/plugin and encryption key which has very short ttl
  • items sent away via Mail System are not removed from inventory (relog/charselect will fix your inventory)
  • Console::Curses still doesn't have scrollback
  • TODO

Bug reporting

TODO (something about server updates which break something too?)

Further updating