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squelchDomains <domains>
Suppresses console messages grouped under the specified comma-separated list of message domains.


If you don't want your vendbot to be spammed by people using skills in town, use:

squelchDomains skill

Suppress your successful attacks and monster's misses:

squelchDomains attackMon, attackedMiss


  • For normal messages, the option verboseDomains overrides this option, thus if a message domain is listed in verboseDomains, that message group will always be printed in the console even if it is listed in this option.
  • Internally, Kore sets the verbosity level of message domains listed in this option to 5, so verbose needs to be below that level.


To find out domains of the messages you want to squelch, use showDomain option to append domain information to messages in output.