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warp (<warp #> | <map name>)
<warp #>
- a corresponding number from the warp list when you use the warp list command.
<map name>
- the name of a map as shown by the where command in Kore, or the /where command in the Ragnarok Online client (e.g. prontera, morocc, prt_fild08, etc.).
After using the Warp Portal Skill, you can choose to open a warp portal using this command.
Note. If you specify a map name, that map should exist in the warp list or this command will fail.

warp list
After using the Warp Portal Skill, this command lists available warp portals to open.

Development.pngThe following documentation describes a feature that was greatly changed in SVN trunk (latest development version) since the last release.
It may work differently or not be available if you're using 2.0.7 or any older version.
warp cancel
Cancel warp after using the Warp Portal. This is required on some servers if you choose not to open warp after casting it, otherwise you may not be able to move, cast skills etc.