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Win32 interface is a cross-platform graphical user interface.



  • OpenKore console
  • chat log
  • general input box for Console Commands input, chat and private messaging
  • map with field, players, monsters, NPCs
  • character, status windows with controls for various actions
  • inventory, cart and storage lists


OS/distribution Instructions
FreeBSD Open a terminal and type:
su -c 'pkg_add -r p5-Win32-GUI'
Ubuntu First, search for the libgtk package using the package manager.

Open a terminal and type:

apt-cache search libgtk

Then install the latest version with this command:

sudo apt-get install libgtkx-dev

Where 'x' is the version number as found by the 'apt-cache search' command.

Lastly install the Win32::GUI cpan module with this command:

sudo cpan Win32::GUI
Other Open a terminal, and type:
cpan Win32::GUI

Loading Interface in Openkore Start

Create a shortcut to and add the --interface argument. Example: --interface=Win32

Windows Binaries

If you need binaries to be able to run OpenKore (in this case winguistart.exe) you can also find a download for it available on

External links

Official site of the module Win32::GUI